The Birth of My Personal Blog

I never had a personal blog. I thought about starting one before, several times actually, but I just didn’t do it. Don’t even know why, really. Then why now? I think there are 2 reasons why I have started writing it today.

First, I am seriously thinking about online business ideas for a while now and for all of them you need a website. Since I have never even purchased a domain name before, I did it for the learning experience mostly (it is REALLY difficult… no it is not) and because I have always wanted to have my name as a domain. I am fortunate with my last name since we are the only family in Hungary with this family name and all over the world there are not many Adam Jermann so it was free to buy. Now, I have so I should do something with it, right? Maybe start a blog?

The other reason is I have so many things in my had I have to write down and MAYBE some of these thoughts, ideas, experiences could be useful to others as well (hence the public blog). I read a ton of articles in different topics, do research about business ideas and business tools and I figured that it could be a good way to memorize the essence of these learnings if I write them down.

Also, it could be a good opportunity for me to practice my English. So please excuse my grammar mistakes (there will be a lot and I am sure there are a ton in this post already). Sometimes, I will write in Hungarian also, it will depend on my mood.

That’s it for now, let’s start this journey!

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